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Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest

Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest
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The theme of the Egyptian pyramids has always been very popular, there are a lot of movies and games dedicated to them. Here in front of you is a successful game that in any case can not cause you rejection. Just need to add that the game is made in the spirit of the puzzle, to be even more precise, the gameplay here is typical for games in the spirit of three in a row. Your main task will be to line up gems so that they disappear, and then you will get points for it. In the game you will find a huge number of levels, all of them will take place inside the pyramid, and have an Egyptian theme, of course, this will give the game a solid share of appeal. The graphics here are generally very nice, and causes extremely strong and warm feelings, it is clear that the creators spent a lot of effort on the exterior design. It is also worth emphasizing the musical accompaniment, there is a rather pleasant musical tone, and the music is always in the theme, which is also very good. Moreover, it is worth emphasizing that, despite the high performance, the app turned out to be absolutely undemanding to your device, so it will work on most smartphones. The game also has a Russian-language localization, which can also be attributed to its significant advantages.

Challenging gameplay

in the game you will find a solid set of levels, the main feature of the game is that as you progress, the complexity will only grow. The first levels are simple, but you need to emphasize that they are more like training, but the further you play, the more difficult it will become. With each level, the complexity of the puzzle increases by an order of magnitude, so you will have to make almost every effort to move forward. Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest, in any case, it is worth it, you can easily make sure of this, any person who likes puzzles of this type, just can not leave here disappointed. It is also worth noting that each level in the game turned out to be interesting, and unlike all the previous ones, this also gives the gameplay a solid share of originality. No matter how much you play, you will see something new, original and just pleasant in front of you.

Collect a lot of treasures

in the game you will find not only a huge selection of difficulties, but also a lot of treasures. As you progress, you will get the opportunity to collect them, if you try hard, you will be able to regularly add to your collection, something really unusual, and then show off the received treasures to your friends, or just acquaintances.
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