Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands
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    Android 2.3.3
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Tales from the Borderland - an interesting adventure game in which you will find hundreds of challenging puzzles and challenging tasks. Actually, play during the passage, you will be two characters at the same time, only their joint use will allow you to move forward.

The game is characterized by good detail, and really worked out the world, the locations here are really interesting, and the sound turned out to match all the other advantages, making the game process more enjoyable than ever. The difficulty will increase regularly as you progress, the first levels are quite simple, so that you will not cause any special problems, you can pass them quickly, but each next level has its own special, newer complexity, and to pass, you need to spend more and more effort. As a rule, to solve most of the existing tasks, you will need to combine the abilities of both of your existing characters, each will solve its own part of the work, and only then will you be able to complete the game. The story component is also good here, you will have to get acquainted with a really exciting and interesting story that has many unexpected turns, and can surprise you repeatedly, something bright and interesting will always happen here. In addition, you should also pay attention to the very end of the game, which as you should quickly see, also turned out to be above all praise, frankly unexpected, but we must admit a strong ending, nothing like this from the game just do not expect. In this regard, it is clearly visible that the developers tried.

The truth is not without its drawbacks, unfortunately, Tales from the Borderlands turned out to be a somewhat demanding game. Like all good things, it will run fully, unfortunately, not on all devices, on some old smartphones, you will not be able to run it if you want. But along with this disadvantage, there are advantages, because the optimization was performed at the highest level, which means only one thing, if you still manage to run a similar game on your device, then one will work without any glitches and bugs. In addition, the advantages definitely include a very convenient control, which you can quickly configure at will, just moving the controls so that you are as comfortable and enjoyable to play.

Game Features:

  • High level of originality;
  • Graphics, very colorful and detailed;
  • Gameplay, bright and frankly unusual;
  • Music that is not inferior to a great picture.
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