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Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure
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Puzzles related to finding items are now more popular than ever, there are dozens of their most diverse options, one of which you can see here in front of you. But this is not a very simple game, in addition to many tasks, you are still waiting for an interesting storyline, which mysteriously intertwines detective and magic, that's their interweaving, you will have to gradually understand them. In order to move through the story, you will have to find yourself in a wide variety of locations, all of them are colorful and interesting to look at and for the most part pleasing to the eye. And in each location, you will have to work with dozens of items scattered everywhere, but carefully hidden, and they can be hidden literally in plain sight, you can look at one place dozens of times and only then see the thing you need, which completely merges with the landscape. As noted above, there is a really interesting and fascinating story, but you will get access to it gradually, at the start you will only get a piece of the task, the entire main story you will get only after you pass the game completely.

A Lot of hidden objects

the Game is really difficult, and the complexity will only grow during the passage. The first levels are served mostly in the form of training, so it is not particularly difficult to play here, but the further you go, the more difficult it will grow. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure you can already only for the sake of such advantages, in any case, the game will not make you bored. As you progress, you will regularly receive a variety of quests that will simultaneously complicate the game, and make it much more attractive. As you progress, you will meet a wide variety of interesting characters that will serve as a real decoration for the game. It is understood that there is a high-quality Russification, which makes it easier to pass, because without it, it would be incredibly difficult to understand the interweaving of the plot.

A Large and colorful world

in the game you will find a really large set of interesting locations, all of them are beautiful, in terms of pictures here is unconditionally a real masterpiece. The same applies to the characters, they are all worked out and bright, first of all, this applies to female characters, which were never performed above all praise, here the creators clearly tried their best. You will play for a very specific detective who lives in a world where there is magic, and performs a variety of tasks, the hero is very interesting and clearly serves as a real decoration of the game.
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