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Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD
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Nowadays there are a lot of strategies that turned out well, one of them, you can watch here in front of you. The game is primarily tuned to the colorful graphics, the last here was just unbelievably good, the world is worked out in detail and looks like a masterpiece. The gameplay, however, is not so good, not to say that he is quite so bad, if I say similar, I'd not be honest. But first and foremost it was all concentrated on the bright special effects, everything else is secondary much. Here you will find a large selection of opponents, which for the most part, fun to fight. You will get the opportunity to interact with knights, dragons and even gods, too, will be quite interesting. As you progress you'll join the ranks of the all-new fantastical creatures, that may be a good idea to confront the enemy troops, he know initially, you will be able to collect extremely weak fighters, the starting warriors are not impressive, but as you progress, you will be able to replenish their ranks, and something more deadly.

a Huge number of battles

In the game you have to lead one of the available kingdoms, and lead it to prosperity, the only trouble is that prosperity it will interfere with many enemies. Which are literally everywhere, so first fix your troops, and make an Alliance with the neighbors and will increase due to this. Sometimes a reliable ally can give you more strength, which in turn will be able to destroy the enemy. Defense of the Realm: Hero Legends TD, you can have solely for the sake of such possibilities, it is really a cheerful game, which precisely won't make you bored. Let nothing really incredible here you can not see, but bored with the passage of you will not. Initially, during the passage, take care of their protection, to build all sorts of structures, which will not let the enemy to you, then as you development, you can start to counterattack the enemy.

the Long game

Here you will find hundreds of levels, all of them filled by terrible monsters, which you will be able to enter into a confrontation. Additionally, the world is really huge, so explore it for very long, in the process discovering all sorts of new locations and enjoying the battles. The game is perfectly optimized, so that will go on most of the devices, as well there are top class Russian-language localization, which should greatly facilitate the passing game in order, but there are some disadvantages, you'll need a stable Internet connection to play.
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