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Drag Racing: Streets

Drag Racing: Streets
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Drag Racing: Streets - racing-in our time, there are many really good racing simulators, the number of which also continues to grow rapidly. Here you have a really good game that can please as a completely realistic physics, and many elements of the designer.


Like most of these simulators, the game is not able to hit some really special story. You just participate in races and other competitions, trying to show, thus, who is the best driver here.


in the game you are waiting for the battle with real players who will be quite dangerous opponents, so do not expect easy victories, nothing easy here and will not be close, for a successful passage will have to give your all. We are pleased with a huge set of tracks, among which you can see how professional racing tracks. So are country roads, which will be much more difficult to drive. Cars can be improved many times, there is a really extensive selection of available spare parts, thanks to which you can change both the characteristics of your vehicle and its appearance, make the transport more durable and fast. Moreover, the characteristics of the cars are really realistic and correspond to their real counterparts, which is also quite good. We are also pleased with the transmission, which can be either manual or automatic. Drag Racing: Streets, as you can see for yourself, it is certainly possible, there are not so many mobile simulators that can boast of similar characteristics. In addition, there are regularly interesting tournaments, with really interesting prizes, but also with an incredibly high complexity, which is not easy to win.

Drag racing Features: Street racing

the Game boasts really great graphics, the world turned out to be extremely successful and just interesting, even small details were worked out quite well. In terms of design, this is a real expanse, using a solid set of parts, you can make the most incredible changes, sometimes literally from scratch creating new and incredibly interesting designs. Some disadvantages of the game include the fact that many features in the game will be available only for money, which somewhat worsens the impression of the game. In addition, it turned out to be demanding for your device, so it will go, unfortunately, not on all smartphones. So before you download, first make sure that the technical characteristics of your device are suitable.
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