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Goat Simulator Payday

Goat Simulator Payday
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    Android 4.0.3
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There are many simulators, including frankly unusual ones. Here before you is a very fun game in which you have to manage a real goat. You should immediately warn that this is not the first game in the series, so if you have not played the previous ones, it is better to start with them.

The game boasts a really bright and interesting world, which is also very well developed. Both animals and buildings look very realistic, in terms of the sounds that accompany the game, all for the most part is also quite good. There is no special plot here, more like a series of tasks. Your main goal is to escape from the zoo with your friends, and then create mayhem on the streets of the city, including even Rob a Bank. The game pleases with full freedom of action, most of the time you can do what you want.

In addition to the goat, there will be several interesting characters at your service, all of them have their own unique abilities. Moreover, their skills are sure to be useful to you as you progress. Goat Simulator Payday, you can already exclusively for the sake of all the above. In addition, the game turned out, despite its capabilities, not particularly demanding on your device, so it should go well on most devices, except for the oldest.
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    Game got scam 15 March 2021 04:35
    Kok gak bisa
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    Rocy kc 31 August 2020 05:18
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