Anime Love Story Games: Shadowtime

Anime Love Story Games: Shadowtime
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Anime Love Story Games: Shadowtime – quite a decent game. In recent years, anime has gained universal popularity. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that games on it are becoming more and more popular. Here before you is one such game, which is a simulator of love.

The Story

The plot here is quite interesting and bright, however, it will be highly dependent on the set of your actions, starting to play you will choose a character, and then you will be able to find him a couple and establish relationships. The plot is changeable, and many of your actions will have a strong influence on it, there are a lot of possible forks here, and literally the fate of the character may depend on one wrong action. As a rule, you need to establish a relationship with the character you have chosen as a couple, carefully win sympathy and trust, and only then confess your love. The fun advantages of the game include the ability to build relationships with characters not only of the opposite sex, but also same-sex. If such an opportunity seems repulsive to someone, then it was organized, so you simply can't use it without a desire. After all, as you progress, you will choose a partner for your character.

In the game you can meet a huge number of interesting characters, the world is big and really original, so the longer you play, the more original moments you can see. The game is accompanied by excellent colorful illustrations, besides the characters here are numerous characters of famous anime so that fans can see a lot of familiar faces for which download Anime game love story on Android is worth it. Also, there is complete freedom of will, you have a huge choice of actions to choose from. So you can easily build a relationship with the character that you will be most interested in dealing with.


The main features of the game include excellent Russian-language localization, as a rule, most of these games have an English interface, or the quality of translation leaves much to be desired, which greatly complicates the gameplay, here you will not see such shortcomings, everything is extremely convenient and practical. Just starting to play, you can choose your character, the set here is really big, so you will definitely be able to find something to your liking. If there is no character that is interesting to you among the available people, you can easily create a new one and call it by your name. the character designer allows you to make quite extensive changes that will definitely not leave you indifferent.
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