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Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure

Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure
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Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure - a game made in the style of three in a row, it can please you with interesting tasks. Let something like this smoritsya not quite original, similar games have already been, but it turned out to be quite interesting. The game originally appeared in social networks, where it gained considerable popularity, and then due to the high level of popularity, it was adapted for mobile devices.

The Story

The plot here gives the story of Indiana Jones, only in a distorted caricature style, the cat is searching for a tangle of fate, and it is you who will help him in this difficult matter, in the process to advance the story, solving dozens of complex puzzles. The game has a lot of funny characters that you can get acquainted with as you progress through, they are not bad so diversify the process of passing, and will serve as the very decoration of the game. The cat itself, by the way, very much resembles the well-known cat from Shrek, only dressed in the costume of an archaeologist from a famous movie.


In the game you will have to constantly move a variety of gems, so that they are lined up, after which the stones will disappear, and you will get a certain number of points. The more stones you make disappear at a time, the more points you get in turn. In addition, by making a large number of stones disappear at once, you will get additional bonuses that will help you in the future passage. Agree all of the above is enough to make the game worth paying attention to and Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure. For completing a level, you will also receive an additional rating, depending on the speed with which you managed to complete the level. By accumulating a rating, you will be able to complete the game faster at later levels. In addition, it is worth noting the complexity, which is at a height here and will grow regularly as you progress.

Features of Indy Cat - Match 3 Puzzle Adventure

The game can please really high-quality graphics, which is worked out here at the highest level, the world is colorful and bright. The sounds and background music here are also quite decent, everything is bright and always in the theme, so there is no desire to turn off the sound as you go through. The game requires a stable Internet connection, but the game was fully adapted to the Russian language, which will help you to fully play. The game is completely free, some features that you really need to pay money for, you will not see here. But the ability to make it easier for yourself to pass by buying, for example, life for real money, there is a full measure, although such a thing is not recommended.
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