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At the time, this game appeared on the computer, where it won universal popularity, what exactly is the secret of such popularity? The secret, probably, lies in the fact that the gameplay at the time of the game's appearance, was unique simply to the point of impossibility, however, it should be added that even now it looks very original. Here is a mobile version of the old game, it can boast of new and interesting locations, but at the same time, there is nothing more unusual here, the gameplay itself is standard to the point of impossibility. Your main task is to use a solid set of bombs to destroy a variety of enemies. Your goal will be to put explosives in the way of the enemy so that he blew himself up, but at the same time your character is not injured. The latter will actually be difficult, especially since the number of opponents, as you progress to become more and more dangerous. In addition, the space for maneuvers is somewhat limited, so you will have to constantly move so as not to be between opponents and explosives.

Fight with real opponents

the Game is primarily able to please the multiplayer mode, you can play against real opponents, which will make the game even more difficult, because as you progress through you will have to blow up not only all the monsters, but also your competitors. Bomber Friends, you can already only for the sake of this, it will be difficult to play against live opponents, because they always move unpredictably, and you should not count on an easy victory in such a case. You can win with a large set of bombs and other bonuses available to you in the game. For example, you can increase the explosion, so that it will destroy enemies in half of the playing field or use a detonator, but you can just quickly move around the playing field. However, any such bonus has many disadvantages, for example, an enhanced explosion can easily destroy not only all the numerous opponents, but also yourself, and thanks to the acceleration, you can suddenly fly into the arms of a monster.

Destroy all enemies

the Main advantage of the game is that up to eight players can play here at the same time, this frankly complicates the process. Monsters in this case quickly go into the background and do not play literally any role, and any opponent can put how many mines that it becomes incredibly difficult to survive. But thanks to this complexity, as you yourself should understand perfectly, the game only becomes more fun, especially interesting to play if you come across really experienced opponents.
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