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SuperCity: Building game

SuperCity: Building game
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Nowadays, there are a huge number of simulators related to the construction of cities, one of them is here in front of you, you can build the most incredible structures that amaze with their capabilities, build comfortable homes for people and so on. The city is made in a cute cartoon style, the graphics here are not excellent, but in any case it is good enough to pay attention to it. In addition, due to the lack of modern graphics development, the game turned out to be undemanding, so it will have to go on most devices. In addition, do not say that, and the graphics here are still three-dimensional, which for such a game, is not bad. You can also see here a high-quality Russian-language localization, which should facilitate the gameplay, it is also impossible not to mention the fact that you will need the Internet to pass, for some it may not be very convenient. If you believe the developers, the game will offer you more than a thousand different structures that you can build, whether this is actually the case, you should check personally.

Create the city of your dreams

in addition to residential buildings, You can build a huge number of various structures necessary for the comfortable life of your wards, such structures can include a variety of restaurants and a variety of playgrounds, in addition, do not forget about the pitchforks and cottages that your wealthy residents will need, all this you also need to cost. SuperCity: Building game, you can already only for the sake of such features. To understand the computer analogues, it does not hold out very much, but against the background of many mobile games, it is for the most part very good. In addition, sometimes there are a variety of interesting events, for example, aliens can fly to the city, or a giant monster can get out of the sea to the shore, just to play. The more you play, the more various events will occur, the creators have tried, so there is a lot of variety here. To try all the features of the game, you will have to spend weeks or even months.

Develop a metropolis to infinity

At the start you will get a tiny town, but you can develop it to infinity. So if you want, you can turn your launch pad into the largest city in the world, everything will depend solely on you. Yes, you will have to play a lot, but you will not see any real restrictions here.
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