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In this game, gamers will have to try to survive on a mysterious island, fighting with other players and if their luck does not let them down, survive in this God-forsaken place. Join spectacular multiplayer world battles against other gamers to win a real victorious success over your opponents and be one of the best heroes of this crazy battle. More than a hundred gamers can fit on one huge picturesque island, to face off, there must be only one surviving fighter, who will get all the rewards. Put on a parachute and try PUBG MOBILE, and then make a jump from a helicopter flying in the air, successfully landing in one of the certain points of the game map. For true victory, users are offered a huge Arsenal of weapons, which is collected in special areas marked with objects. Penetrate the devastated homes, visit military bases, where most likely you will be able to find the most powerful gun to use it to eliminate their opponents. Use a variety of vehicles to arrive at the desired destination at lightning speed. Discover the bases of your enemies on a special map. Initially, everyone will start looking for the best weapon for themselves, and your task is to outwit your rivals, find it faster than them in order to prove your own superiority to the enemy side. Users will experience considerable surprise from such a cool realism, which is filled with this wonderful gameplay.

The largest-scale multiplayer action game

by Installing this amazing app, gamers will be amazed at such fantastic features:
  • full-Fledged multiplayer, where one location will fit a Horde of gamers from all over the world;
  • Large global locations with many vehicles, various objects and other obstacles;
  • Making alliances with players and joint battles on online maps;
  • Excellent, enchanting, three-dimensional and detailed graphics, full of realism;
  • a Considerable Arsenal of weapons: pistols, automatic weapons, mines, grenades and many other interesting things.

World game map

Collect a huge Arsenal of weapons and use it for crazy bloody shootouts with other gamers located in different parts of the world. As soon as you get down to earth, immediately start searching for the most suitable car, weapons, various items, and other things. A toy that contains cool, realistic, highly detailed graphic effects should appeal to you in any case.
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