Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction
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    Android 4.1
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PUBG Mobile has become a real panacea in the gaming community. It plays almost every person pulls the device and who don't mind paying for the game. If you are among those players or just don't like paid games, you can play free alternatives, the number of which is enormous. One of them is a game developed by a team ZuoMasterDeveloper called Creative Destruction.

Here you have to choose a character to undergo a simple training and immediately go into battle with 99 enemies. The gameplay of this game resembles not so PUBG, and even more Fortunate. Here in the arena, you can not only pick up weapons, armor, and battle with other players, but to build their own shelters, from which it will be easy to shoot approaching enemies from a height or protecting yourself walls.

This is a very exciting and fun game that can give you not only excellent gameplay, but also qualitatively traced graphics. Draw distance is simply amazing, you will easily be able to discern the enemy even on the horizon. Just do not forget about safe zones and try is always in them, otherwise you will find yourself in a snow storm, and can easily die.

game Features:

  • Great detailed drawing graphics;
  • The possibility of building fortified positions;
  • The permanent online.

Creative Destruction is a great free alternative PUBG Mobile, which is ready to give the player a lot of pleasant experiences.
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