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Talking Tom Pool - Puzzle Game

Talking Tom Pool - Puzzle Game
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Talking Tom Pool - the game serves as an addition to the pet simulator simulator dedicated to talking Tom, but it is not a simulator in itself, or rather it can be attributed to a similar genre, but with a huge stretch.

the Story

In terms of the plot, the story was not too pronounced, but it still is Tom himself And the heroes of other games came to the water Park, where they should now have a variety of fun. But first of all you need to clean the pools because they were clogged with inflatable circles, which somewhat prevent you from swimming. In order to complete the level you need to clear the pool as quickly as possible, and if at the first levels of any serious problems just do not arise, then soon the level of complexity will begin to grow rapidly, so that at later levels to play frankly difficult.


Starting to play around the pool, you can design an amusement Park, thanks to the construction of earn resources and already use them for the construction of suitable slides and other attractions, for the construction of a water Park Talking Tom's Pool, it is necessary. Also, in order to quickly clean the pool, you can get a variety of bonuses, for example, hot pepper will give your pet a reactive speed, thanks to which the pool will be cleaned incredibly quickly. You can also get a unicorn, one of the best bonuses in the game, after receiving it, you can consider that you have completely passed the level. But so, there will be a lot of simpler bonuses that will still make your life easier.


First of all, you should pay attention to the beautiful cartoon graphics, the world turned out to be really well-designed, so it pleases with its appearance. The sound is also on top, the music is unobtrusive, but pleasant, sounds like a background and is not annoying. As you progress, you will find a huge set of levels, while you will not be tied to a single pool, not committed. Gradually, you will find yourself in other locations, where you will find new difficulties. As well as new entertainment, it is also worth mentioning that sometimes you will meet enemies that you need to quickly deal with. After all, they are not averse to prevent you from doing the Park. Your enemies can be dragons or all sorts of bandits. The complexity of the game is really prohibitive, so it is almost impossible to reach the end, well, or at best you will have to spend a few weeks or even months on the passage, but at the same time, thanks to this feature, just to pass the time, the game is perfect.
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