Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Modern Combat: Sandstorm
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Modern Combat: Sandstorm – a great game that can be attributed to the cult series, it turned out to be frankly cheerful and not boring at all, playing something like this is a real pleasure. To understand first of all, the advantages of the game can be unconditionally attributed to the really good graphics, the world, detailed and beautiful, so that you can look around, it is always nice here. However, as you can quickly see, you will not have much time for that, because almost all your free time, you will have to do what to fend off pressing opponents.

The gameplay here is quite simple, you will have to play for a simple American soldier sent to a hot spot, where it will fall to an incredibly large set of various dangers and adventures that you will have to go through, making every effort to do this. The main difficulty here is that there were unexpectedly too many terrorists, much more than the intelligence service assumed, so a simple operation in execution suddenly turns into a fierce battle, when the terrorists are pressing literally from all sides, and you have to fight them off with the last of your strength.

The game boasts a very large set of a variety of weapons that you can use to pass, and that is especially important. Each type of weapon available here will have its own goal, so you will need a whole Arsenal of various weapons, which you will need during the passage. Download Modern Combat: Sandstorm, it's worth it for this. In addition to the Arsenal of weapons, you will also have a variety of ammunition, which is also very useful for performing all the goals set for you, for example, it will be very good to save you from enemy shots.

It is worth noting that as for a mobile game, there is a very good artificial intelligence, which you can easily see for yourself, your opponents are not stupid dummies, on the contrary, they are able to act competently, moving confidently, and deliver a lot of problems in the process. We can not say that they do not do anything stupid, but for the most part, the typical annoying moments that are regularly committed by enemy fighters, which you could see in other games, here fortunately just will not be.

Game Features:

  • Graphics, well-designed and beautiful;
  • Opponents, smart and diverse, are not easy to defeat;
  • Weapons, there is a large Arsenal for every taste;
  • Locations, colorful and detailed, have a place to turn.
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