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Nowadays, many games that people actively played in the real world have started to move to mobile devices. Moreover, some of these games, even in this form, will require partners in the game, as this wonderful game. Which you can observe here in front of you. The gameplay here is a bit strange, but fun, starting to play you have to press the device to your forehead, and while your partner in the game, must explain to you the signs of the words that he will see during the game on the screen. Control of the game is very simple and functional, you will not need to touch the button to go to the next question, just move the phone, lower and raise, the app will respond to the movement, and thus there will be a transition between questions. However, the game also has a convenient Russian-language interface that will allow you to quickly understand most of its features. It is also worth mentioning the localization of the game as a whole, it is professionally translated into Russian, without any jambs, so that the passage of this will not complicate you.

Correctly guess the words

Starting to play, you will have to guess by the gestures of your friend, what exactly he is trying to show you, it will be very difficult to understand, but not at first. The first levels are quite simple, so they should not cause you any significant difficulties. But the more you play, the more complex and long the words will become. So you will have to put literally all your strength in order to understand what this word is. HeadBang!, you can already only for the sake of such fun features, do not even doubt it, if you were looking for a really fun game that will allow you to play with friends, then here you found it. It is understood whether you can guess the right word, or not, will depend solely on the skills of your character, everything is correct to show gestures, if he knows how to do this poorly, you will not get anything. Well, a lot depends on the integrity of the player as a whole, because some unscrupulous players can hack and play odd.

Record video

additional advantages of the app include the fact that it allows you to perfectly record your friend's gestures. If you want, if a friend does something really funny, you can make it easy and easy, write down everything that he shows, in order to see, then again and laugh. In addition, thanks to the convenient functionality of the app, you can easily share the recorded video in social networks, or post all the results on YouTube.
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