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A fun and exciting hand-drawn toy in which gamers will have to control the manipulator of a mechanical hand and take out a variety of eggs from a glass container, inside which there are cute toys. The main character of this funny children's game is Claw Klobert, who dreams of making new friends. Only in this way can he find true happiness. Help a lonely Loberto to realize his cherished dream. Move the iron hand from side to side over the playing field, and then quickly lower it down, trying to grab one of the eggs at the bottom, using several fingers of your mechanical character. Each egg contains its own original hero. Collect a large collection of different characters, try to get the rarest eggs, buy unique items and power-UPS for Klobert. There is such information that the toy is suitable not only for teenagers but also for adults. Many of the eggs have a special uniqueness, so they need to be taken out very carefully. Try not to break them and prove that you can take care of them like real babies. Quite an interesting game idea that will make many users happy.

Create your own family

The creators did a good job creating a special project. As we know, the toy was developed simultaneously by several programmers who have already had to get a lot of popularity, so there should be no questions about the triumph of this application. Everyone has some preferences. Gamers mostly focus their attention only on the best projects, because they do not want to play some dark unintelligible games and look at stories that are not of interest. Actually, for this reason, they strive to find something original and exciting.

Good ratings and positive feedback from millions of gamers

No one expected that this wonderful toy for a short period of time will gain unimaginable popularity. The game turned out to be very pretty and pleasant, for this reason, it attracted both children and parents. Most of the responses are positive, and it is rated five points. We hope that you will like this game, so we suggest Clawbert to try to prove that you will always cope with any problems. The world wide web contains a considerable number of similar projects, but only really worthwhile ones can reach incredible heights. Help this excellent game become much cooler.
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