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Paper Wings
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Under your control is a multi-colored paper bird, where your main goal will be to control the nimble bird, which must collect coins falling from the sky in flight. Try not to miss a single coin, otherwise you will lose and have to start the game again. In the future, users will find a huge number of interesting levels, as well as a lot of pretty birds. Management is normal, any beginner will be able to understand, gamers just need to swipe your finger on the display of a portable device, so that their bird flew in the right direction, and then start helping her to collect coins coming down from the sky. Guide your fluttering hero through an unimaginable number of stages of this simple, but fascinating toy. As you progress through the levels, new multicolored birds will appear. In addition, do not allow the fall of an artificially created bird, if it falls down and falls to the ground, you will only get worse. Try to achieve good results and collect a huge collection of various bonuses and all sorts of achievements. Do not lose the opportunity to become a professional pilot, even with a paper winged animal.

Learn how to control a paper bird

you must Paper Wings, because the game contains wonderful graphic effects and easy control. The toy is dedicated to unsurpassed tricks that can be performed in the air by live birds. Learn how to perform them masterfully and only then can you become a first-class pilot in the world, managing artificial birds. Players will have a wonderful flight through the boundless expanses of air. Everything is done on a standard and simply on an ordinary level. Perform the most real dizzying and crazy tricks that you begin to admire.

Perform stunning stunts in the air

Don't forget about all sorts of obstacles. Each new stage has an unimaginable number of obstacles. Naturally, they complicate the gameplay, but make the game more exciting. Complete the necessary tasks to reach the tournament competition. Use all the abilities of the bird, which will produce very unusual actions. Flap your paper wings as fast as possible and soar in the sky. The toy has more than fifteen unique types and forms. Take part in amazing quests, for the successful completion of which your reward will increase several times.
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