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Where's My Water? 2

Where's My Water? 2
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    Android 4.2
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The exciting animated sequel will continue the amazing adventures of Swampy. This is a great puzzle game for Android where gamers will have to help the crocodile to hold cheerful in his quiet home water, so he was able to fully enjoy the process of bathing. All the stages of interesting toys Where's My Water? 2 will be depicted in the form of minor territories containing various valves, tanks, pipes and barriers.

Gamers will have to sweat a little, trying to pave through small rocks, sand and hard clay the way for the free passage of steam and running water, though it is necessary to use special devices. Closely watch the level of the tap water did not exceed the limit mark. To open further locations, you need to catch all the ducks hidden in the sand. Sometimes on certain maps you may notice the presence of a special ducks for the capture of which the protagonist will receive additional experience points, they will also help to solve some logic puzzles.

If users can't solve some intricate puzzle, they can resort to the help of useful tips. The creators were able to modify the toy and to introduce many innovations: there were a lot of mysterious artifacts, colorful characters and new levels. The visual effects and the design locations have changed drastically, also were added new, more exciting types of stages.

Constantly moving force of the gameplay remained standing water, which actually controls and gameplay. In Where's my Water 2 there are several unique locations: Sunny beach, soap factory, sewage. Each of the levels can be played in several ways. The stages are overcome even without collecting the ducks simply take, and take part in 'the Duck competition.' There are missions in which the mobile camera, then be able to help agility, reaction speed, keen eyes and extreme attentiveness.

Game Features:

  • Admire the unique mechanics, designed specifically for all cartoon characters;
  • More than hundreds of exciting stages and all kinds of tests in the updated dungeon;
  • The passage of the levels has now become much more interesting and lightning speed thanks to the special bonuses;
  • Earn achievements and collecting special ducks, for example Hawaiian ducks, Ducklings, gladiators, etc.;
  • Go to the popular social network and compete with your friends.
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