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Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends
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We believe that almost every modern person on our planet Earth knows about these evil birds. Then take part in a new part of the popular game that you will definitely like, and will bring good fun for a long time. Here you need to do everything as before: just pull as hard as possible and shoot at the enemy side. Release the slingshot with the birds in the right direction, so that they can easily deal with all the evil and dangerous pigs who stole eggs. On your way there will be a large number of obstacles that you will have to go through to get to the most important thing – your native testicles. Eggs will fly off the walls, falling into your hands, because you will be able to save a large number of innocent bird lives, which for some time were in the evil paws of dangerous pigs. Recently, a cartoon was broadcast in cinemas, which garnered a large amount of popularity among children as well as adults. Now you get a great part of the game in which you need to pass all the levels of this cartoon, without making a single mistake. Therefore, now you can be completely free to be in all the locations that existed in this interesting cartoon. Explore interesting game locations and locations, and collect the strongest warriors. You are given a huge game world in which you can do whatever you want.

birds in the movies!

the Main bird named Red, along with his friends, goes on the most amazing and interesting adventure. The guys need to pass a huge number of obstacles on their way to get their eggs back. During the long passage of the game, you will receive a bunch of different items that will help you pass all the missions. You get access to three characters who can't live without each other. Chuck, Red, and Bomb must do something impossible if they use all their available powers correctly. Also, in some levels, you will have the opportunity to play for Terence. Destroy everything that will be in front of your eyes.

a Huge number of interesting tasks

If you want to Angry Birds Friends, then you will have to collect bird codes, after scanning which you will get access to new game modes, as well as levels to pass. Participate in additional tasks that will help you solve various problems along the way. In General, this is only part of the available bonuses that this game will give you. Take part in more than a hundred levels in which you will show everyone around your strength and courage in the battle with opponents.
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