Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
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American gaming Corporation Electronic Arts, once engaged in the creation of collectible game Hearthstone, decided to present gamers a new card version of an interesting toy, where the plants are forced to defend your base from the hungry living dead. Users will be able to participate in those epic battles between the angry undead and live plants. But in the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes the player is given the choice of the parties for which he is going to beat, though each faction has its original card deck, increasing during tightening of the battles collector's item.

The creators have managed very successfully to combine the genre of Tower defense and of course a card game together. Actually this furious fans of this fun toy were able to appreciate a newly made product. The heroes of the two factions depicted here is very pretty and harmless when you browse maps, but when they had to fight for survival immediately reveals their true nature. The game includes more than two hundred diverse cards which users can obtain absolutely free or in the process of spectacular battles. And there is the financial part, the cards can be purchased for real money.

Before a fierce battle, the possibility of collecting their own exclusive card team or providing a choice of heroic characters artificial intelligence. Deck rotting mutants and soldiers-plants have a special uniqueness and open some Easter eggs to the original game, for this reason, a useful addition Plants vs Zombies Heroes certainly deserves a lot of attention of gamers. You will see over thirty different kinds of characters on each side, a dizzying confrontation.

Mortal combat combat plants vs creepy flesh-eating creatures, came to the latest level. This is a great toy, giving gamers the opportunity to play in solo and multiplayer modes through the world wide web. As in most of the draft EA, the graphic effects in the game is incredibly fantastic. Assemble the best deck of cards and try to defeat other gamers or AI, quite enjoying triumphant success.

Game Features:

  • More than ten offsuit voracious monsters and a variety of plants;
  • An excellent opportunity the defense of your fortress together with his friends;
  • Create your irresistible team;
  • Players are given the choice side of the battle;
  • Comfortable management system.
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