Balls Bounce

Balls Bounce
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Balls Bounce - a game that can be attributed to both arcades and puzzles, because it borrowed a lot from both the first and second. It turned out to be quite complex and thoughtful, so it will be able to delay you for a very long time, there are more than a lot of advantages here. The game is positioned by the creators as the perfect time killer, and in General they did not lie, this game is perfect for those who are looking for a way to pass the time.


Like most of these simple arcade games, the game, unfortunately, can not boast of a really complex storyline, at the start you will only get a task, after which you will have to shoot your balls so as to destroy as many bricks as possible.


The complexity of the game is added by the fact that here you will not find any clear sight, shoot at bricks, you must rely solely on your intuition, which at first will be very difficult, you will have to rely on your intuition and only for the sake of such complexity Balls Bounce. The game is able to please a huge number of levels, and each next is more difficult than the previous one, so it will be difficult to get to the end, at least. The levels have no time limit, so especially difficult ones can stop you for several hours, or even longer. There are quite flexible settings in terms of the appearance of the game, you can easily customize the color of the balls and appearance, all the main colors are present here, so if you do not like the basic setting, you can easily customize everything to your liking. In addition you can play completely free of charge, no additional opportunities for which you will have to pay with real money, you will not see here.

Features of Balls Bounce

The game has an excellent Russian-language localization, which should greatly facilitate your life, in addition to a full game you do not need mobile Internet, which is also very good. Also, the game will please you with a really decent and colorful design, on the one hand, the graphics are extremely simple, but at the same time it turned out to be more than pretty. It is also worth mentioning the extremely convenient management, with which you can easily perform most of the tasks assigned to you. Also, the game is created for both smartphones and tablets,so it should go around. The disadvantages include the presence of advertising, unfortunately there is quite a lot of it, but in General everything is within the bounds of decency, so even if it causes some irritation, but still for the most part everything remains within the bounds of decency.
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