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Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions
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Games tied exclusively to fights between interesting characters, frankly, there are many, here in front of you is one such bright and colorful game that must be appreciated. Here before you is another version of this bright game in which you will have to take control of one of the characters of marvel, and then participate in numerous fights with other characters, if you are interested in this, it means very well, you can safely download and enjoy the passage. The game can not boast of a really complex and twisted plot, but here this is not required, because the main advantage of the game, are the numerous and colorful battles, which in any case can not be appreciated. Here you can see a very remarkable selection of both heroes and villains and can choose from them. So with some effort, be sure to find a character to your liking. However, there is some drawback in the game, first of all it is probably the balance of forces, here even a weak hero can easily defeat strong opponents, and this unfortunately is so painful to the eyes. We know that they are simply not equal in strength, but at the same time in the game one character can easily defeat another.

A Huge selection of opponents

In the game you can meet with the most famous villains of the universe, and then easily defeat them all, agree. Pay attention to the game, it is necessary only for the sake of a huge set of characters, you can be sure, if you really consider yourself a real fan of the universe, then in any case, something like this should cause you extremely strong feelings. Marvel Contest of Champions, you can already exclusively for the sake of this, you can confidently assume that no fan of the universe, just can not leave here disappointed.

Colorful and bright battles

the Battles in the game turned out to be especially worked out, this is also worth noting as a significant advantage. All heroes and villains have their own diverse and unique abilities that will not hesitate to use as you progress. So any battle as a result looks like a small masterpiece and causes an exceptionally frenzied rush of delight, which is good in any case. The game has a first-class Russian-language localization, which should make it much easier to handle it, but at the same time, to take advantage of some of the game's features, you will need mobile Internet.this may not be particularly convenient for some users.
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