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Pooches Supermarket: Family shopping

Pooches Supermarket: Family shopping
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Pooches Supermarket: Family shopping – a game dedicated primarily to young children from three years, older audience, it will not be interesting. It turned out to be quite simple exactly what you need for preschoolers.

The Story

The plot of the game is closely intertwined with what you could see in the series, the characters go shopping in the supermarket, and the player will have to help them successfully deal with purchases in due time. Nothing that could strangle an adult, here you simply will not see, but small children can not only entertain the game, but also teach them to make purchases.


At the start of the game, the child will be able to undergo training that will explain to them what to do here, you need to recognize that it will definitely be useful for the child. In the game you will find a really large and realistic designed supermarket, which is really a lot of goods. Among which you need to find the necessary one. The supermarket has both food and household chemicals, among all this, you will need to find the goods you need. You will play for children who went shopping under the supervision of their father, but only the presence of their father. It does not make the game easy, on the contrary, it regularly tries to throw something in the shopping cart that is not in the list. You should regularly stop such purchases and return all unplanned items back to the shelves. After all, you were given a limited amount of money, and if you do not invest in it, you will automatically lose. In addition, you will need to use the existing list to collect items so that the money is exactly enough. For example, if there are several products with different prices, try to take what is cheaper, so the creators of the game try to teach children to save. Agree for the sake of all the above Pooches Supermarket: Family shopping, it is already worth it. After all the necessary items are found, you will have to drag the shopping cart to the checkout. Where you have to pay, and then take everything to your mother, after which the game is considered passed.

Features of Pooches Supermarket: Family shopping

The game pleases with beautiful graphics made in the style of a cartoon, all the characters look almost the same, and make the same sounds. Management turned out to be extremely convenient, so it is ideal even for small children. But there are disadvantages to the game, for full operation, you will need a stable Internet, without it, you will not be able to play fully. An additional advantage of the game is that it turned out to be quite easy and undemanding, so it should go without any special problems on any device, except for maybe very old smartphones.
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