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Kid-E-Cats: Grocery Store & Cash Register Games

Kid-E-Cats: Grocery Store & Cash Register Games
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Every child knows these cute cats from the popular cartoon that is shown every time on the STS TV channel. Now you will have a unique opportunity to take part with the main characters, participating in a large number of different tasks and tests. With this sufficiently interesting and useful game, every child will be able to learn useful knowledge that will be useful to him in the near future. Give your baby a great opportunity to communicate with cute cats that will make constant purchases, follow the money with the child, and then everything will happen in the best possible way. You can be completely sure that the little gamer will not be able to break away from this game, because it is really very much like it. A large number of games have already been created about these cats, and now we have to visit the store to make purchases, the list of which was given to our children by the mother cat. You will have to choose a really large number of product categories, and then bring them home. Work with maximum responsibility, because experience points will depend on the final result. You can play together with your parents or friends, passing a lot of interesting game tasks. The child will be able to constantly develop playing with these cute cats.

Trip of three seals to the store

Soon you will be able to meet these amazing characters in person. Your task is to take into account all the necessary purchases, and in any case do not miss anything, because otherwise the level will have to start from the beginning. The store is full of various products, among which you can really find exactly what you need. The list was made by my mother, so you do not need to buy anything extra and spend the family budget. In the first level, you need to choose the desired cat, as well as a cart that will gradually be filled with products for your mother.

Exciting game adventure

If you can Kid-E-Cats: Grocery Store & Cash Register Games, you can take an active part in educational games. The most important thing is to work with the utmost care, and not to collect unnecessary items. When all the items are in the basket, you will need to go straight to the checkout, where the kittens and children will be waiting for a new task. You will need to think and learn how to pay for the purchased goods correctly. Go through a huge number of interesting game levels, and have fun. The constantly growing range of products will prevent you from finding the right products, but if you try - then everything will definitely work out.
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