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True Skate
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True Skate - a game in which you will get the opportunity to drive a skateboard, it turned out to be thematic, but fans of this kind of entertainment, like it for sure.

The Story

Like most modern simulators, the game can not boast of any significant plot, the latter is simply not observed. At the start, you just get the opportunity to ride a skateboard in the Park, and then have fun at your own pleasure.


You will find yourself in a large Park where you can perform a variety of tricks, management is extremely convenient, you can use two fingers to move around the world, where the fingers replace the legs of skateboarders from the real world. You should pay special attention to the management, because it turned out to be really amazing, you will not be able to see anything so worthy anywhere else, everything is so well worked out that it can cause an exceptionally strong delight. The camera can be adjusted by choosing the point of view from which to view the world, you can always adjust everything to your liking. True Skate. Just need to mention the drawbacks, the game is paid, so for fun at the start you will get only one Park, you want more, no problem here only for each will have to pay well so. Although we must admit that the first skatepark is enough for entertainment, here you will find a huge number of places suitable for performing a variety of tricks that simply amaze with their entertainment and brightness. Also in the game you can see tournaments, which in most cases, have analogues with the real world. For example, major competitions that are held in America and in some other countries of the world, were displayed here, adding a full measure of advantages to the game.

Features of True Skate

The game can please really high-quality graphics, it is extremely bright and worthy. It is also worth noting the realistic physics, the skateboard behaves exactly as in the real world, so that people who rode in the real world can transfer their experience to the game. When installing, the app will ask for permission to write and read external media, this is necessary for a full game. In addition, you will be able to record all the tricks that you will create in the game, and then share them. Also in the game you can buy all kinds of skates. However, due to the high cost, this is not very happy. Sound effects can be attributed to another bright advantage of the game, they are usually very cheerful and always in the theme, so that the desire to turn off the sound does not arise. Let nothing really unusual here, but the sounds are still extremely pleasing.
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