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Car Simulator OG
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Car Simulator OG – the game is primarily designed for people who like to drive their cars, thanks to the game you will be able to enjoy driving.

The Story

As with most driving simulators, here the creators did not bother with any clear plot, you just get a car under your control, and then move around the city, sometimes performing tasks.


The world turned out to be quite large, and the game is colorful and interesting, so it's a pleasure to ride on it. Management is in the first person, which also looks quite interesting. As in most of these games, there are numerous opportunities in terms of improvements, you can repeatedly improve your transport to make it much more beautiful and interesting. It is understood that first of all the improvements here were directed to the area of beauty, but this is not all, you can improve your transport, making it faster and easier to manage. Agree for the sake of this Car Simulator OG is quite possible. To move around the city, you will always have a functional mini-map at hand, thanks to which you can quickly find any point where you need to get to. Also, as you progress, you will find a lot of fun missions that will give the game a fair share of diversity.

Car Simulator OG Features

The game can please you with a sufficiently detailed world, although at the same time you can not call the local transport particularly cute. Well-designed cars, they even open the doors, as well as, for example, turn on the air conditioner, such detail pleases. You can get additional vehicles as you progress through the game, there are several cars in the game, with various damages, if you can find a way to fix such damage, these cars will be yours. Also, a special bonus is a police car, which you can get by fulfilling special conditions, after which you can enjoy its management. The game is quite realistic here is almost complete freedom, but to create lawlessness on the roads you just do not work, you can easily break the car, a few unfortunate accidents, and it just fails, so do not try to squeeze out of the car speed, on the contrary, try to go as carefully as possible. Management is extremely convenient, you can move even through narrow streets, without risking damage to the pack of cars in the process, or simply disable it. In addition, thanks to convenient settings, you can configure it for yourself.
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