Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus
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    Android 4.0.3
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A new breathtaking action game developed by the Gameloft gaming Corporation, very similar to the popular Call of Duty toy. Anyone who wants to test this unique project will not have to run alone through a Legion of enemies, but carefully choose the specialization for their soldier and assemble an elite team, considering the characteristics of each fighter, which in the game Modern Combat there are more than ten professionals. All existing secret agents represent several classic specialties.

Well-protected assault units can do without thinking through tactical moves, going ahead, intending to win by force. There is a special "tank" function designed to protect the territory. Intelligence agents, on the contrary, were given a significantly reduced Arsenal of weapons, but they have the ability to become "ghosts", hiding from opponents and committing silent murders. In order to successfully complete the battle round, gamers will have to consider the features of all team members, as well as the possibility of location. In certain situations, the best way is to sacrifice the accuracy of shooting for the sake of firepower, while in others you will have to sit in shelters and destroy enemy units from a long distance.

The graphic effects in the new game Modern Combat Versus are at the highest level. Also, the game application contains high-quality textures of materials, gorgeous realistic weather and light effects, solar reflections, and much more. Moreover, the control system settings that are offered during the launch of the toy do not force you to get into special settings for a second and do everything for yourself. Users can expect incredible sensations in Player versus player battles in more than six unique locations.

Stop your own choice on one of your favorite twelve fearless heroes with special characteristics, and immediately go to the team battle. The toy is slightly different from similar products, because here getting points is not considered the main goal. The main task is to survive, you need to hold out until the very end of the battle, at least one team member needs to survive and successfully complete the mission.

Game Features:

  • Bright colorful graphics;
  • Players versus players battles between two teams, each consisting of four players;
  • Several separate unique locations;
  • More than a dozen special agents with powerful guns and special skills;
  • A large number of attractive prizes and acceptable rewards.
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