Real Drift Car Racing

Real Drift Car Racing
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    Android 2.3
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Racing has always enjoyed great popularity, and in our time, as you can see, such popularity is not in a hurry to fall. Here is an interesting game in which you can take control of a real car, and then perform a lot of interesting and exciting tricks. Just need to warn that most of the gameplay was tied not to fast driving, but to drift.

The game boasts really high-quality graphics, it is detailed, so in our time, it would look quite good even on a computer. The physics of the world is also very decent, the car behaves on the road, just as it would in the real world. We are also pleased with the set of tracks, here they were collected literally for every taste, and in General the world turned out to be interesting and bright. Cars are also high-quality and detailed, and many of them can boast of real prototypes.

In addition, there are two game modes, the first mode will allow you to just enjoy driving for fun, while the second takes place in the form of a career, where you need to pump levels and develop cars. Real Drift Car Racing, you need any avid racer, the game will not make you bored, and looks good even against the background of computer competitors.
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