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RAFT: Original Survival Game

RAFT: Original Survival Game
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    Android 4.0.3
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Have you ever found yourself alone in the middle of a vast ocean filled with mysteries, surprises and dangers from its giant deep inhabitants, and even on a raft? If not, then you have to explore this immense harsh world and find an infinite number of possible ways to survive in the ocean. Gamers will immediately have to start building a strong wooden raft, where they will try to survive among a large number of different kinds of dangers among predators and severe extreme conditions. From now on, your home will be a large-scale endless ocean in which you need to survive by any means. Your enemies will now become huge deadly sharks and other aggressive predatory sea creatures that can deliver a whole car of problems. Visit the skin of a Navigator and try to live all these long days in such a cruel environment, as well as withstand all the tests prepared by fate. From this day on, your only true friend is a raft, you have to do all sorts of things in order to swim as quickly as possible to land. Start building a solid wooden structure, and then go on an amazing unforgettable journey through the mysterious ocean, but do not forget to improve and repair the raft, regularly checking its reliability. Remember, this is your only chance and hope of salvation to leave this cruel world.

Realistic survival game

After installing this bright and insanely beautiful app, users will get a lot of amazing features:
  • High-quality three-dimensional three-dimensional graphic effects;
  • an Enormous amount of useful resources, through which it will become much easier to build a strong wooden raft and survive in such a fierce atmosphere; Huge crafting system, with which it is possible to turn the material at hand into suitable things; Good special system for leveling and upgrading buildings;
  • Unimaginable opportunities for various construction, as well as a total system of improvements;
  • Beautiful realistic atmosphere and excellent gameplay of this marine survival simulator;
  • a Wide variety of gameplay tasks and a considerable number of additional small games.

Survival on a wooden raft in the real world

Gamers will need to survive in an extremely crazy, truly realistic atmosphere, only after they manage to RAFT: Original Survival Game, but it will be quite difficult to survive here.
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