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Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean

Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean
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RAFT - survival on a raft-a game that is not difficult to guess from the name, is associated with survival, even though there are many similar games now, but do not doubt that it will find something to surprise you.

The Story

You will find yourself on a raft surrounded by sea waves, your main goal is to survive, catching everything necessary for life from the ocean. And along the way, you will have to fight off sharks swimming in the ocean, predatory fish around really a lot, so you will have to try hard in order not to die, especially initially while your raft is small and vulnerable.


The game first of all pleases with its realism, your will want to eat and drink, so that all his needs need to be met regularly, if you can not, the person will simply die. Interestingly implemented resource extraction, you will have a long rope with a hook at the end, with which you will have to catch passing resources, the latter will be a lot. But, as a rule, these are not useful fragments, which, however, will be useful for expanding your raft. But sometimes really useful things that can be useful to you to improve the life of your character float by. Agree, all of the above is enough to make it clear Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean is quite possible. But these are not the only significant advantages of the game, here, as there was a perfectly created crafting system, you can how to build a raft, expanding it and dividing it much more impressive. And create all kinds of materials that you need for a comfortable stay. You will need both tools, weapons and clothing. Weapons are probably the first thing you need, because sharks swim around almost constantly, and sometimes they start to try your construction on the tooth. Especially interesting was the production of drinking water, because do not forget, your character regularly needs water, while you can not drink sea water, so you will have to regularly think about where you can get water.

Features of Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean

The game can please with detailed graphics, the world turned out to be worked out in detail, the latter applies to sharks, huge predators are really striking, they turned out to be absolutely alive. The game turned out to be very diverse, the longer you play, the more unusual things you can see here. Management turned out to be convenient and practical, whether it's manipulating the hook, or building the buildings you need on the raft, you can cope with all the tasks without significant problems. In addition, the game was perfectly translated into Russian.
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