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Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy
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Stick War: Legacy – recently, these games are getting more and more popular. Here is an interesting strategy that is focused primarily on the battle, economic development is also present, but it was given much less time.

The Story

In the story, you are the leader of a nation that is surrounded by numerous enemies on all sides that want to destroy you. Your only significant advantage is the developed technologies that will allow you to win decisive victories over the enemy. But do not forget that your other opponents have their own technologies that they do not hesitate to use against you.


You will get the opportunity to come together in a confrontation with hordes of opponents using a variety of weapons, which they will wrap up against you. Each tribe has its own unique technologies, some practice archery, while others actively use magic in battle, agree, this will make the game especially interesting and original, so Stick War: Legacy is not necessary. Your only chance to win is to attack first so you can win before the enemies prepare and bring down all their forces on you. In the game you will manage an entire army, and take control of individual units. As you progress, regularly buy new units that will make your army stronger. And also buy unique and effective weapons, which in turn will strengthen your units.

Features of Stick War: Legacy

The game can please with interesting graphics, even though the fighters themselves are drawn quite primitive, as well as most of the characters in these games, but the world itself is drawn quite beautifully and just interesting. We can not forget about the battle process, which is also very interesting here, you have to initially plan your strategy, the enemy acts well thought out, does not allow absolutely stupid mistakes, so you can not relax in any case, you only have to make one key mistake, as the enemy does not hesitate to use it. Also, the battles look beautiful externally, your soldiers bravely fight using all sorts of techniques and it all looks quite cheerful. The game is perfectly optimized, so it should go perfectly on any smartphone or tablet. Another significant advantage is that developers regularly improve the game, adding a lot of new features. So in the future, the game will be even better, about this you can say it is done safely.
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