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The Archers 2

The Archers 2
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    Android 4.1
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The Archers 2 - here before you the second part of a wonderful game, like the first part, it belongs to the genre of arcades, and turned out to be very good. The main character, here will be the shooter, which you actually will manage during the passage. At the start of the game, you will have one key task, namely, using all available weapons, shoot at a variety of targets, however, honestly, you need to add that the first levels in the game can be considered exclusively educational, then, as you progress, everything will become much more interesting. You will enter into a confrontation with real opponents who are not simple targets, but are quite able to shoot at you in response, edit the first shot, provided after all to you.

If you shoot, and do not destroy the opponent, he shoots back, and may well cause you irreparable harm, so the chances of losing are very high, and if you are not careful, you are at risk of losing. If the enemy manages to destroy you, you will have no choice but to start over again. In terms of the graphics, the game is fairly easy, here you will not see any striking features, however, due to the rather modest graphics, the game is very undemanding, and you sure will be able to run it on most modern devices where it will go quite well, without causing you any particular discomfort in the process. The soundtrack, however, turned out to match the graphics, on the one hand it is extremely cheerful, on the other hand it is not particularly rich, the set of sounds is quite cheerful, nothing can be said here, but really impressive effects are almost not observed.

As mentioned above The Archers 2, turned out to be frankly easy, and completely undemanding, you will almost certainly be able to play them on most modern devices, where the game will go without any special problems. Moreover, even on older smartphones, the app is likely to fully launch, and will function without causing you any problems. Pleasing and very simple interface, which, however, turned out very easy thanks to him, you will be able to conduct aimed fire on the enemy, just hitting any enemy in a vulnerable place, however, like to have a little practice, however, when the training is complete, you can easily cope with any task.

Game Features:

  • Simple graphics;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Many opponents;
  • Bright passage.
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