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Stickman Backflip Killer 5

Stickman Backflip Killer 5
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    Android 4.1
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This game is one of the representatives of simulators, which is created for mobile devices based on Android. The game allows the user to control a deadly stickman. He has parkour skills, a good command of weapons, as well as hand-to-hand combat. The main goal of the game is to complete a certain task in a given location.

The game has an advanced physics engine, so the player can do mind-blowing tricks, deviate from bullets and defeat enemies one after another. As for the management, it is quite convenient, which will allow the player to plunge into the game world for a long time. The game is sure to appeal to fans of this type of game.

To control the stickman, you must use the left half of the touch screen. This is where the improvised stick is located, which is responsible for the direction of movement in any of the parties. And the buttons that are responsible for hitting, jumping, shooting, and speeding up are located in the right area of the display. And to start the game, you need to Stickman Backflip Killer 5.

The game gives the player the opportunity to play in one of three modes, which significantly diversifies the process. This feature makes the game more interesting, which will allow you to repeatedly get pleasant emotions. Before completing the mission, the gamer can equip the character with different tools and items.

Game Features:

  • branded graphics;
  • addictive gameplay;
  • simple operation;
  • good physics engine.
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