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Harvest Land: Farm & City Building

Harvest Land: Farm & City Building
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    Android 4.0.3
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Start restoring the economy on a lost island in the big world. You get access to a small plot of land that will eventually turn into a really large farm, but you will need to do a huge amount of work to do this. Start plowing the fields, which after a while will be sown with a large number of new plants. On this island there is a sufficient amount of fertile land, which at the right time will be able to bring a sufficient amount of crop. Collect it for your own Pets, or for further processing. You have your own ranch, where you will breed animals, and do with them whatever you want. Buy cows and pigs, which will definitely give you products that will soon be able to create a new production. In addition to all the existing features, the game will allow you to build a house, or a bakery, where you can bake delicious pies. There are a lot of tasks in the game application, and they all have a certain meaning that every player should understand. Produce goods that will eventually go into trade on the market, and in the end they will be able to get good money. Also, don't forget to explore a lot of new hidden places on the game map, where you can find a lot of interesting and exciting things for yourself. You need to expand your trading space every time.

The Secret island is waiting for you!

after a certain time you expect a unreal amount of opportunities and features, which is a bit more:
  • Enjoy a unique system of interaction with objects and characters in the game who take an active part in the gameplay;
  • construct buildings and collect various useful resources;
  • Collect awards and achievements, which will be difficult to achieve at the beginning of the game;
  • Game image has great graphics, which will give you a wonderful impression and mood;< / li> < li>the game Process is performed at the highest level;
  • send invitations to your friends who are in social networks;
  • you have an unrealistic number of opportunities for the development of the farm and further production of products.

Get involved in the development of the farm

You can easily collect caravans if you decide to first Harvest Land: Farm & City Building, and then bargain at a bargain price with your friends. From your job, you need to get the maximum amount of profit. You will need plenty of coins, with which you will develop on the farm.
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