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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga
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    Android 2.3
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Make up several colored cubes in a row during the game, thus opening up the necessary space. First of all, this is necessary in order to free up small creatures, and there are a huge number of them in the gameplay. The main events of the game begin after the Pets have been stolen, after which you need to do everything possible to save them from captivity kidnappers. In fact, the animals are quite cute and fun, so you will immediately want to solve a variety of puzzles and tasks to help them get out of this terrifying and frightening place. With the help of cubes, you will make different combinations, saving residents from many dangerous kidnappers. The game contains real emotions and indescribable feelings that will be on your face during the passage of this game project. Try to complete as many tasks as possible to fully enjoy this wonderful game about cute animals. If you can save them all by snatching them out of the hands of the bandits, then you will turn into a real hero who will deserve respect. Indeed, the game has a sufficient number of quests and puzzles, to solve which you will have to think very long.

Save a lot of animals by completing exciting quests

the game has a lot of exciting features that you should definitely familiarize yourself with:
  • Animation is pleasing to the eye, and the graphic design is made at the highest level;
  • the game has a lot of Pets, for example, beautiful puppies, bears, pigs, and many others;
  • Use a variety of additional items that can significantly speed up the performance of game tasks;
  • Many unique game tasks that you can play with your friends, setting cool records in the standings;
  • the game application has a large rating system, in which you need to take the first place.

Release the exit by destroying the cubes

If you have enough strength Pet Rescue Saga, then you should definitely start coming up with an original strategy for completing tasks, with which you can make great combinations of cubes. Many of them have a difference in color, and you will need to connect only those colors that were originally specified in the task. Solve many unique levels of the game, release animals that will immediately appear in your collection. You have a great opportunity to share your records with your friends, who can be happy for you, or try to beat them with their achievements.
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