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One More Brick
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Different types of arcades appear in our time on a regular basis, some of them are very high, such as, for example, the story that you can see here in front of you. The game turned out not to be very original, but for the most part frankly good. Your main task in the game will be to use the available balls to destroy a variety of blocks, thus getting a variety of bonuses. The game primarily pleases realistic physics, because your ball will behave absolutely like in the real world, such a reasonable pleases. But at the same time complicates the game, because often the bricks that you will need to destroy. They are hiding behind some really difficult obstacle, so you will have to try very hard to make a really aimed shot, and thus destroy the target. Some drawback of the game, you can consider the presence of a full-fledged Russian translation, however, the interface is intuitive, so you can easily understand all the features of the game and so on. Additional advantages include the fact that the game turned out to be well optimized, so it should go without significant problems on most modern devices. Also, we can not fail to note the advantage that the game will take well, just incredibly little space.

Destroy all the cubes

the First levels in the game will be quite simple, they were most likely created in the form of training, here you just sort out the basics, and learn how to shoot. Further, as you progress, it will only become more difficult, each subsequent level will deliver more and more problems. One More Brick, you can already only for the sake of this. But the advantages of the game do not end there, it is also quite pleasant graphic design, which can not be rated as worthy. And also you will find a lot of sound effects, which may not cause delight, but always in the theme. Additionally, you need to evaluate and convenient management, thanks to which, you will be able to destroy all the blocks without any significant difficulties. As you progress, you will get new balls, which in turn more effectively destroy enemy blocks, thus making your life easier.

Compete with other players

in the game you will find a rating system in which your place will be displayed, it is just incredibly difficult to take the first place, but if you try hard and play a lot, then in General, it is very possible to get to the first place.

An exciting arcade toy in which the gamer will use balls to break special blocks. You need to help a funny robot destroy all the bricks on a special playing field. Have fun in your free time playing this interesting game, trying to score as many points as possible. Aim accurately, making an accurate shot with balls destroying the bricks located at the top of the display. Shoot balls destroying blocks, fighting off various obstacles. Test your own accuracy in this interesting toy. Take into account the realistic physics of balls hitting all sorts of objects. Touch the screen of your Android device to determine the accuracy of the trajectory of the shot. Crush blocks that have a specific number, in fact, the number of times players will have to shoot at them, gradually reducing their strength to zero. Try to hit so that the ball bounced off the walls of the screen and more frequent hits on the blocks. Win new unique balls with special abilities and reconfigure them in the game editor. Power-UPS will allow you to increase the number of balls. Collect the maximum number of points and climb to the top of the lead. With such an amazing toy in any case, you will not be bored, you can make sure of it, only you will have to download One More Brick for Android. Players will be able to understand that they have long dreamed of such an irresistible puzzle that gives any person a sea of positive emotions and an unimaginable number of pleasant moments. Go through a lot of exciting stages and winning get tempting rewards and all sorts of bonuses

Retro toy with numerous updates

Gamers who manage to install this fun Android game, you need to carefully aim and hit the desired target with an accuracy of up to a centimeter. Only in this case can they hope for a valuable reward. Just a few hits may cut you off from an acceptable reward. You must try to shoot so that the ball that flew off the wall at once destroyed many blocks. The ball can jump to infinity, if you choose a suitable trajectory.

Destroy blocks with a ball

for more fun, invite your friends to play this wonderful puzzle. Thanks to the excellent comfortable gameplay, users will get a lot of pleasure and will be able to relax well. This great game will help gamers kill many hours of free time. Play and admire the amazing gameplay.
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