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Happy Color
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Many people like to cope with stress with the help of special antistress coloring pages. But the problem is that such coloring pages are not always convenient to take with you. That's why many developers have started to create apps for mobile devices that are essentially coloring pages, but can be with you everywhere. One of the best such games is the development of the X-Flow team called Happy Color.

In this game, you can spend days coloring your favorite images. The coloring process is simple. After you decide on the picture and open it, a set of colors with numbers will appear at the bottom of the screen. The image itself will also have specific numbers on the areas. You also need to select a specific color and tap on the screen in those places where the number of this color is specified. This way, you will gradually paint over the image until you finish it completely.

Some images consist of a very large number of colors and individual elements. It is clear that such a drawing can not be decorated at a time. Therefore, in order not to lose it and finish later, all such images will be saved in the "My pictures" tab. This way you can continue coloring at any time on the stopped progress.

Game Features:

  • A huge number of images of different complexity;
  • Many categories;
  • Does not require an Internet connection.

Happy Color is a very convenient game that will allow you to always be close to your favorite antistress coloring book.
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