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VK — live chatting & free calls

VK — live chatting & free calls
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We present you an amazing social program with which you can easily share files, text messages, videos, pictures, and various music with all your friends.

To download this app, you do not need a modern smartphone with high RAM, because it can work perfectly even on the weakest phone.

Main advantages of this social network:

Easy and intuitive interface with no extra functions. Small amount of Internet traffic is Consumed. Therefore, you can be in touch with your friends or relatives at any time of emergency. Enjoy the latest news, see funny pictures, and get a lot of useful tips in this excellent and high-quality program. If you want to share your thoughts with all users, then you need to create your own Vkontakte page and post your unique posts there. It is also worth considering one important fact that social networks are the main engine of modern business around the world.
Many popular applications will work inside this program, and you don't even need to download additional files to make them work. These toys can be seen in the utility's feed, because they will be marked with "lightning". In addition, the creators decided to add a few link games, and after clicking on the logo, they will automatically be downloaded to your gadget.

Enjoy fun stickers and emoticons that you can use to Express a wide range of emotions. In any situation, you can find a suitable sticker, and cheer up your interlocutor.

Users, please note!

When you upload an image inside a social network, it will automatically degrade in quality. This is due to the download process. This also consumes less mobile traffic, so if you want to update your avatar to a high-quality photo , do it from your desktop computer.

The program is recommended for children over 12 years old, so if you want to evaluate the program, you can VK — live chatting & free calls. Developers are constantly releasing various updates: a large number of interesting features are added, and various existing system errors are constantly corrected. If you found a problem with the program, you can report it to the technical support of the social network Vkontakte.
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