ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved
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    Android 7.0
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In this compact version of the full-fledged computer survival strategy of the previous years, you will see one of the possible branches of human evolution-survival or cohabitation with ancient and dangerous creatures-dinosaurs.

In a multi-kilometer map, you will need a lot of resources and weapons to survive. Fortunately, most resources are easy to find, and weapons are easy to make. Different modifications are provided for the weapon, which significantly improve its original design. You also need a reliable roof that is available for crafting alone or together with your fellow tribesmen.

Enemies in ARK: Survival Evolved animals or other tribes. With animals, things are like this – there are a lot of dinosaurs, more than 60 species that actually existed and fictional, as well as some representatives of saber-toothed cats, mammoths, amphibians, reptiles, etc. Dinosaurs can be tamed and get some benefit from this: use as a means of transportation or to protect the base, however, each species has its own skill. With tribes, everything is different – by creating your own, you will be able to achieve common goals together and faster, as well as compete for the championship with opposing tribes in various thematic one-time and multi-time events.

Game Features:

  • Ability to build a clan base and co-survive;
  • High-quality visual component: landscapes, drawing of animals, characters, small details;
  • real-life, fantastic, and mythical creatures;
  • Move around the map on a tamed dinosaur or on foot;
  • Additional equipment is available for bonuses received or for Donat.

Transferred to the mobile platform, the game is not inferior to the original in quality or plot, instead it offers fans of the Survival genre to always keep their finger on the pulse of the game.
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