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Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys
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    Android 4.1
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Probably, everyone knows hilarious cartoon about the inventor Rick and his assistant, Morty, in which the latter are constantly getting in trouble in different parallel worlds, and Riku had to get him out. So the team is [adult swim] games, inspired by this animated series, created a fun game for Android devices called Pocket Mortys.

In this game, as Rick always opens a portal to another universe in which it turns out many other Ricks, and more Morty. While Morty are all different and have their own abilities. Ricky using this, I decided to catch Morty and arrange in between fights. The winner takes the loser Morty. You will also have to participate in these competitions and show that you are the best among all the Ricks.

This is a fun game that will allow you to enjoy your free time. You will find many encounters Morty, and Morty themselves will be a huge number and each of them is its ability that will help win another Morty and assign it to yourself. Overall the game is very similar to pokemon, but no less interesting for that.

Game Features:

  • Huge world;
  • Simple operation;
  • A great variety of fighting characters.

Pocket Mortys is a fun game that will delay you for a very long time. It is perfect for fans of this genre.
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