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Trucker Joe
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Games about truckers always meant complex simulators with a huge bunch of actions. But what to do if you are already tired of it and want to take a break from this fuss. But do not deviate from the theme of the game. The solution came up with a team of developers Sundrum Development, creating a fun arcade race, called Trucker Joe.

All they did, in fact, was take Hill Climb as a basis and add the ability to transport cargo. But, despite this, the game turned out to be very fun and interesting. The main character finds himself in a small city with its own infrastructure, which consumes certain resources for production. It is up to you to handle their transportation.

First, you will need to choose what you will pick up and drive to the loading point. You will control your tractor using two gas and brake pedals, which also move the car forward or backward. Along the way, you may come across gas stations where you can fill up your tank by spending the earned money. After loading, you will need to select the point where all this should be taken and perform the same actions.

Feature of game:

  • Simple operation;
  • A lot of tractors, trucks and the possibility of upgrading them;
  • A constantly growing city and the possibility of transportation.

Trucker Joe is a fun arcade game about a trucker that will allow you to relax after a hard day and have fun.
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