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Fishdom – here you will have to create your own unique aquarium, with a variety of fish, but it's not so simple, in order to fill the aquarium with fish you need to solve dozens of complex puzzles.

The Story

Like many similar games, this app will not show us a special story. You just start solving puzzles, simultaneously enriching your aquarium with new fish.


In the game you will have to regularly deal with puzzles made in the spirit of three in a row. You collect colored chips in a row. Trying to line up three or more single-color chips in a chain, and then they will disappear. You will get a certain amount of bonuses, depending on how many chips at a time you managed to make disappear, and at the same time new ones will fall from above. In order to complete a level, you must make a certain number of chips disappear. In each subsequent level, the complexity increases somewhat, the speed at which the chips begin to arrive becomes faster. And at the same time, the number of them that you need to make disappear is also growing. Agree all of the above is enough to download Fishdom for Android. Well, if it's not enough, you should pay attention to the fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium, which turned out to be extremely funny and just original, your fish are not quite simple, they can also talk and utter a variety of funny phrases. They discuss a variety of everyday problems, and sometimes they just make a good joke. The aquarium can not only be populated with funny inhabitants, but also in every possible way to decorate, and add all sorts of items that allow the inhabitants of the aquarium to feel much more comfortable.

Fishdom Features

The game is able to please the graphics, it is quite on top here, even if the picture is cartoon, but it is made at the highest level, the world is worked out and pleases with its diversity. At some levels, there are currents that slowly move the chips, which makes the game extremely difficult, as long as you collect them in a pile, the current can successfully destroy your efforts, taking all the chips somewhere far away. The scenery of the world also changes regularly, although you will always be an aquarium theme, but there is still enough variety, so what you see does not tire. Even if the game is quite difficult, but you can regularly get all sorts of bonuses that will facilitate the passage, it is better to save them for the last, most difficult levels. Where they will be useful, at the early levels, with difficulties it is quite possible to cope on their own, initially the puzzles are not so difficult, it is clear that they are designed so that beginners have a chance to get involved in front of real difficulties.
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