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    Android 4.3
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Present gamers one of the best economic strategies for the Android OS. Users need to try to build the most incredible metropolis on Earth. To implement this ambitious plan in Megapolis you will need start-up capital and special resources.

How would the city, and will he be able to flourish, depends on your imagination and skills. Start building your Paradise city is not in a hurry, but slowly, carefully and reasonably.

Details plan to Megapolis the scope of communication, build the necessary buildings and industrial plants, and scenery - just a matter of technique and his boundless imagination. Do not forget about the mining and vital resources.

Game Features:

  • A great economic strategy game, where you have to build, to develop and improve your megapolis;
  • A wonderful opportunity to build and expand the city of your dreams;
  • Well-developed economic modeling, allowing to actively manage their child;
  • There is a possibility of inviting friends and visiting nearby cities;
  • Colossal construction of a stunning backdrop of natural landscapes;
  • This is a great business simulator, where the game is extremely close to reality.
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