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Pocket Tower: Building Game & Megapolis Kings

Pocket Tower: Building Game & Megapolis Kings
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    Android 4.0.3
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This fun game is dedicated to the construction of high skyscrapers and big cities. Here the user will have to do construction, creating high-rise buildings and megacities. The product is intended for mobile devices on Android.

At the beginning of the game Pocket Tower: Building Game & Megapolis Kings should be taken to the intricacies of construction. It is necessary to learn how to manage resources correctly. Some of them will be provided by the game, and some will need to be earned. Only by correctly calculating all actions, the user will be able to receive income from the case. You will need to carefully think through and control all the steps so as not to remain bankrupt. The first building will be a large business center, the construction of which will need to be done independently.

During the gameplay, you can interact with your friends. You can ask for good advice, share ideas and impressions, and tell us about your achievements. The game contains colorful images, funny characters and residents of cities.

game Features:

  • convenient control;
  • graphic design;
  • ability to contact friends.

First, the skyscraper will be a modest size, and the number of floors in it will be small. Gradually, it will grow and develop, as well as make a profit.
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