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Puffin Browser Pro
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    Android 4.1
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Puffin Browser Pro is a very good and practical mobile browser that is sure to suit many smartphone users. If you are not satisfied with standard applications for working with the Internet, which were installed by developers on your device, then this browser should suit you almost perfectly. It has a huge set of advantages, which makes it stand out from other similar browsers, a set of features is really extensive, so that the browser can not only stand out well against other mobile counterparts, but even computer browsers can be lost on its background.

The main advantage of the browser is its very high speed, it will load at lightning speed. Even with low Internet speed, which you should understand can initially be considered quite a significant advantage of the browser, not all competitors will be able to demonstrate something in this spirit. In addition, the browser boasts a truly extensive and user-friendly interface, here you will find an incredibly large set of various features, collected for every taste. Thanks to this, the browser is perfect not only for beginners who have recently started working with the mobile Internet, but also for professionals who have been searching the Internet from a mobile phone for more than a year.

In addition, it is worth noting that Puffin Pro, turned out to be completely undemanding, which immediately lies another significant plus, you can easily use all the really extensive functionality of the browser, even on your old smartphone, where nothing better will just go. It is also worth noting that there is a reliable security system, your data is quickly encrypted, so that no attacker can get to them. Well, it is reasonable not to forget about anonymity, you can do it calmly, search for any information, and not be afraid in the rake that attackers also get access to it.

It is worth noting that there is an extremely effective system that allows you to quickly block all annoying ads, or rather almost all, you should understand that advertising can be incredibly Intrusive. And its creators do anything to make sure that you can't get rid of it. But at the same time, most of the usual advertising, you are thus likely to be able to confidently remove.

App Features:

  • The easy and undemanding;
  • Extremely user-friendly interface;
  • Huge selection of available features;
  • Excellent app optimization.
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