» » » Jellipop Match: Formerly Jelly Blast Match 3 Game

Jellipop Match: Formerly Jelly Blast Match 3 Game

Jellipop Match: Formerly Jelly Blast Match 3 Game
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    Android 4.0.3
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Jellipop Match: Formerly Jelly Blast Match 3 Game – good logic games, never lose popularity, the genre is very relevant, so that developers continue to create more and more really good puzzles, and just one really bright representative of the genre, is right in front of you.

The gameplay here is familiar to all three in a row, you will have one key task, namely to line up several identical elements in a row, so that they disappear, you will thus earn points that you will need in the future. The gameplay here is quite complex, but at the same time frankly interesting, so it should not disappoint you in any case. It is especially worth noting that the complexity will regularly increase as you progress through, which in General, will add to the gameplay, a very solid share of attractiveness. The first levels are extremely simple, so even a child can easily cope with them, the last ones are just incredibly difficult, here even an adult player will have a huge sea of problems during the passage, you will have to try as much as possible to pass the game to the very end. We should also note the beautiful graphic component, everything is also frankly sound and pleasant, the world is successfully worked out and colorful, there is something to see here in any case. I am also happy with the good sound, which does not think to yield to the graphics, it turned out to be extremely well-designed, bright and worthy, exactly what you expect from a game in this spirit.

In addition, we must not forget about the huge number of funny characters, with them you will regularly encounter as you progress through, they are all designed for several purposes. On the one hand, they can significantly help you with the passage, or just good fun, in this regard Jelly Blast , a good and colorful game that in any case will not disappoint. In addition, it should be noted that the game is absolutely undemanding, and perfectly optimized, if you own an old smartphone, but want to play something new, you are clearly here. I am also pleased with the excellent management, with which you will be able to manipulate everything that happens on the screen, it will also make life easier for you in any case. In addition, if the management seems somewhat inconvenient to you, it's also okay, you can easily customize the interface to fit your needs, easily adapting it for this purpose.

Feature of game:
Great graphics;
Excellent management;
Outstanding gameplay;
Excellent optimization.
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