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KIngdom Rush Origins
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    Android 4.0
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KIngdom Rush Origins - a bright and dynamic representative of the strategy genre, here you will find a huge number of opponents, the most incredible battles and adventures, and all together, it will be just fine to lift the mood of the game.

Another important thing to note is that there are really great graphics, so it can be very pleasant to look at the scenery in the game. The sound will not be inferior to the picture as a whole, it is consistently cheerful and pleasant, so it will only lift your mood. There is also a story, the main characters of which are the elves, it is for them that you will have to play, going through a lot of the most incredible and dizzying adventures in the process. As characters your elves enough interesting and attractive, so that bored in any case not will, themselves can highly quickly make sure. Your main opponents will be all sorts of evil spirits, which constantly attacks your territory, trying to cause as much damage as possible, you will have to reflect them with all your might.

It is interesting that for the destroyed enemies, you will receive a variety of rewards, usually in the form of coins that you can spend on your own development, which in turn will become stronger, and will be able to much more effectively repel the attacks of the attacking enemy. KIngdom Rush Origins is suitable for any player, whether you like strategy, or just looking for a good game that will suit you only to pass the time, whatever your goals, do not even doubt, the game will satisfy them one hundred percent.

Separately, you should pay attention to a fairly good artificial intelligence, which is available here, it is reasonable to call it especially strong, it will not work. But as for a mobile device, everything is quite good, your opponents will behave quite confidently, and sometimes use sufficiently thought-out and complex strategies, which will be more than difficult to resist, as you will quickly see for yourself. However, it all depends solely on the level of difficulty that you choose, because at the easy level, opponents on the contrary, behave very stupid and predictable, so that even small children can win without problems, without using the help of adults in the process.

Game Features:

  • The graphics, fully developed and detailed;
  • Music, pleasant and always in the theme;
  • Gameplay, lively and dynamic;
  • Enemies that are smart enough;
  • Characters that are frankly cute;
  • Optimization, performed at a high level;
  • Management, very convenient and not bad makes life easier.
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