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Cooking simulators have always enjoyed considerable popularity, and not only among women, which they are mostly intended for, quite often in such games with pleasure and men play. After all, the male audience, at times, loves to cook. Here in front of you is one such frankly successful simulator, the game is in any case original and can please with a huge set of various dishes that you only have to prepare as you go through. There are really a lot of recipes here, and there are dishes from literally all the cuisines of the world, so if you really like originality, you can definitely find something really worthwhile for yourself. As you progress, you will regularly improve your cooking skills and at the same time constantly receive new recipes that can be prepared. The cooking process itself, some elements strongly resembles a puzzle, so that sometimes with complex dishes have a lot of Tinker, in order to achieve their goal. There are really a lot of actions in the game, so you can play it literally indefinitely. And at the same time it will not bother you.

Game for fans of cooking

additional advantages of the game include a great colorful world, it is made in a somewhat anime style, but at the same time, in any case, everything turned out very interesting. All the characters, and the dishes themselves, are made above all praise, so watch what is happening on the screen. In any case, it is very interesting, COOKING MAMA Let's Cook you can already exclusively for the sake of all the above, in any case, the game should not leave you bored.

Additional features of the game

the Main feature of the game is that you will get the opportunity not only to cook, but also to extract ingredients, for example, you can go fishing in order to prepare a variety of interesting dishes. Or grow a variety of vegetables with the same goals. You can even open your own restaurant, where you need to not only prepare dishes, but also serve them to your numerous customers. The main gameplay itself is supplemented by a variety of mini-games that will make it easier for you to pass and will not make you bored. The game has a high-quality Russian-language localization, which will greatly facilitate your passage. In addition, there is a convenient interface, thanks to which you can easily solve the most difficult tasks. Well, it was optimized well enough, so it will work on many devices, except for the weakest ones.
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