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Eyes - The Horror Game

Eyes - The Horror Game
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Dear player, we decided to present you a rather dangerous, but exciting game where you will have to move through the most dangerous and scary locations with the hope of finding a way out. If you are a real fan of horror games, then you definitely need to evaluate this project. You will always meet on your way with a danger that has already killed a large number of harmless people. Charlie is a terrifying Ghost that has been roaming the street for a long time, scaring all passers-by. About it, there are various stories and stories from ordinary residents, which are told in detail about all the events that occur. Even during his life, this man was really terrible, but when he was gone, he decided to leave behind a huge curse that affected the whole world. Charlie wants to find a new victim for himself, and in any case does not want to leave our universe at the moment. The Ghost has bloodthirsty properties, and it can go to almost any step to get what it wants. He wanted to take revenge on all living people in some way. In the near future, he will be able to call for help from the most powerful monster at the moment named Cracy. His appearance frightens almost all existing ghosts. Soon there will be real mystical beings in the world who are searching for blood, as well as human flesh. You will pass through a lot of difficult obstacles and tasks during the game process.

Terrifying adventure with ghosts

if you download this scary game on your smartphone, you will have a great opportunity to manage the world with ghosts on your own. Wherever you are, you will be able to create your own story of the battle with real monsters every time. Evil forces will constantly interfere with your work, as well as look for the main clue. You have to be cool to kill all the enemies in your way. Use first aid kits to always have positive health indicators.

a Huge number of awesome places

If you can Eyes - The Horror, then immediately use the large game map. You can use it to move to different places in the game. The main game events will take place in an old abandoned cottage, where the first contact with the Ghost was recorded. In the upcoming trip to an abandoned hospital, the main character expects a lot of unexpected fears. But this is only part of the places where the main character really gets a lot of adventures.
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