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Magnus Trainer
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By installing this exciting app that develops thinking and mental abilities, users will learn about the most interesting and effective methods of winning the next chess game. The game includes a huge number of features that will help you improve your skills in this difficult task. Enjoy a lot of interactive training sessions and most likely soon you will become a real world chess champion and will be able to get a lot of rewards and achievements. Magnus Carlsen is a professional chess player, considered a world chess champion, who will train gamers and try to make them first-class players who can win virtually any chess tournament. Visit a large number of training sessions for your own development, aiming to become one of the best, a real chess ACE. This amazing Android application program will serve as an excellent training for beginners for future progress in the gameplay. After some time, after going through a lot of hard training lessons, you will simply have to become a skilled expert in chess, if you stick to useful tips and all sorts of tips. Do not stop playing a lot of well-executed games, view a considerable number of lessons, and then start acting, experience the entire complex process on your own skin. You will definitely like the beautiful, very pleasant atmosphere of the game maps, as well as a lot of amazing opportunities to take part in a great gameplay.

The Greatest chess battles

In the game you will get acquainted with such unusual features:
  • an unimaginable number of small games with the possibility of playing with friends or passing alone in a single-player game, competing with AI, in more than hundreds of different levels;
  • a Large collection of educational lessons that will help gamers advance from a beginner to a skilled master;
  • an Indescribable number of diverse unique game cards that can give users a sea of bright and unforgettable emotions;
  • Training courses from famous chess players and real chess Champions;
  • Unusual modern gameplay design, where users will have to go through an incredible number of all sorts of locations.

Useful lessons from highly professional masters

Gamers need to Magnus Trainer, and move higher and higher, using the useful tips of the legendary masters. Together with a skilled team of first-class grandmasters, users will be able to get the experience they need.
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